In New Homes

It is always lovely to hear how the kittens I have bred settle in and such a treat to see photos of them.

Dear Karen

I have lived with Siamese cats all my adult life as I love the breed. Seven years ago I went to Karen as I had lost a cat and needed a companion for my remaining male siamese. I was pleased to find Karen’s house was light, clean and fresh unlike some other breeder’s homes I had been to. I arrived in Siamese heaven with a room full of beautiful kittens from several litters. I saw both parents when I was there, and of course, I came away with two cats instead of one, Harry and Grace! They proved to be the most affectionate, gentle, beautiful and characterful cats I have ever had. They have been perfect with children and never shown the slightest sign of aggression even with clumsy toddlers and loved being petted by all who came to our house.
Sadly, Harry died unexpectedly at the beginning of May and after two weeks of Grace grieving badly and not eating we decided to take a risk and buy another kitten to keep her company. We searched country wide and visited a number of breeders around the country but ended up back with Karen when I unexpectedly came across her telephone number again. Thank God!
Karen, her gorgeous daughter and the house were as lovely and welcoming as ever and there again was kitten heaven!
We now have Roo, an Oriental shorthair boy who feels like he has always been with us. Grace hissed at him for a few days and now mothers him, plays with him and is eating again. He is an extremely affectionate and gentle animal who is always ready for a play and a stroke and unbelievably enthusiastic about food. He is fully housetrained and clean and the pair have brought life back into the house.
I cannot recommend Karen and her cats enough if you are looking for a beautiful, affectionate, clean, characterful and good natured companion. I also thank Karen for giving us such lovely creatures to share our lives with.

Dear Karen,

We are thrilled beyond belief with our new Oriental addition from Karen.

Karen’s home is beautiful and the kittens were all beautiful, friendly and confident. Our kitten’s mum greeted us as if we were best friends - such a warm, friendly, affectionate girl!

I am a dog trainer and we already have 6 dogs and a Siamese in our family, but aside from spending her first half an hour sussing these unknown “beasts” out, she has completely slotted into our family as if she has been with us for years.

Both my partner and myself absolutely adore her. She is such an optimistic creature and treats everything with curiosity, interest and excitement rather than being suspicious or nervous.

She is everything we were hoping for. She is loving and affectionate, but also incredibly intelligent and playful!

She has given our Siamese boy a new lease of life and loves to snuggle and sleep with him, but her best friend is our 2 year old Pomeranian cross. They play together, wrestle, chase each other around and cuddle up together.

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a Siamese or Oriental!

Lucy Heath

Dear Karen,

We just had to write to let you know how pleased we are with the two Siamese kittens that we were lucky enough to get from you three weeks ago. They are both so energetic and full of fun and both have such appealing characters. We couldn’t believe how happy and friendly they were when we first met them at your house, so much so that we immediately fell in love with them. We are happy to say that these excellent traits haven’t changed since they moved in with us and our two older cats (who incidentally were sharing food bowls and beds with them within a few days). The kittens were so well litter trained that we have not had a single ‘accident’ with either of them. They even get up from where they choose to sleep (which is the length of the house as well as a staircase away) in the middle of the night if they wake up and ‘need the loo’. We would be more than happy for you to point any prospective new owners in our direction should they need an independent opinion on how they might expect your lovely kittens to be.

Peter & Barbara Levett,

Barnard Castle.

Dear Karen

Karen is an absolutely fantastic breeder for many reasons. She always breeds to the highest standards, all her cats are showered with love and affection in an immaculate environment. The attention she and her daughter abi give to all the cats and kittens is tremendous. So much so that they are all happy, playful, confident and well adjusted kittens by the time they reach their new loving homes. Karen is always happy to help with any concerns, such as integration with other cats or dogs, send pictures of the kittens so you can see how they are coming along and information on their personalities as they grow. I cannot recommend her highly enough as she and Abi have always been fantastic with both of my Siamese. I would only adopt from Karen as I know through her they're ensured to have excellent temperaments. I could have 5 kittens and I know it would be easy because they're all litter trained and happy little souls. Good, responsible Breeders are hard to find but in my opinion Karen is one of the best! She truly loves and respects the breed and all of this shows in her wonderful kittens.


Dear Karen,

I just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our three new Karamushi kittens. I know we only came to take Rhino, but the other two chocolate boys were so irresistible, we just couldn't say no! When we bought Osborne from you last November, he was the eleventh siamese cat I have owned in the last 25 years. He was without doubt, the most confident, affectionate, trainable cat I have ever owned, and a testament to the love, time and care that you shower on your kittens.

I want to thank you (and Abi) for your professionalism and attention to detail; we have now left your home with the four of the happiest, most sociable and well adjusted kittens I have ever come across; and with food, toys, and their litter, to settle them in. These things make a world of difference, and so many other breeders just don't bother. This is why I had no hesitation in taking home another three kittens a few months ago. You will be pleased to know that they have all settled in a treat, and Osborne is 'mum' to them. When we have visitors they have no qualms about introducing themselves and demanding a fuss.

Very best wishes,

Tracy, Adi and the Boys

(Osborne, Spitfire, Rhino and Nelson) xxxx

As you can see Sadie is very very happy 🙂 Thought you'd like this one.

I have 2 Seal tabby boys called Ferris and Goose which came from one of Karen's litters. They are the most wonderful cats with a great nature and temperament. Both cheeky, comical, inquisitive and more than anything loving. They love nothing more than to curl up and purr the night away (so long as they have been fed that is). Karen is the most helpful person and for the 2 months leading up to when I collected the kittens was happy to give any advice and sent regular photos to show me how the boys were doing. I can't recommend Karamushi highly enough and if you are looking for a kitten then look no further as you will be guaranteed to find that little friend your after.